Friends for Youth takes Friendships horseback riding in Half Moon Bay

On August 9, Friends for Youth had the amazing opportunity to take a number of mentors and mentees horseback riding at Sea Horse Ranch thanks to a generous contribution from an Emeritus Friendship donor.

Six Friendships were in attendance that gray Saturday morning in Half Moon Bay. The group included both new matches of only a few months as well as alumni that had met for over five years. We mingled and snacked as people joined and the anticipation built up, and then set out for a fantastic one-hour ride on the Coastal Equestrian Trail which took us along the beautiful local landscape.

For many riders, this was just the first time in a very long time they had been able to get up close and personal with a horse. There were a few people, however, that were riding the trails on a faithful steed for the first time. But everyone, from true beginners to those familiar with riding, were thrilled to participate in such a unique Friends for Youth event.


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