Holiday Party at Winter Lodge this December

Did you know that it takes two very dedicated Program Coordinators to secure our Holiday Party at Winter Lodge?

If you are an Alumi Senior Friend, you’ve probably come to one of our Holiday Parties at Winter Lodge in Palo Alto. For the last few years, due primarily to budget set backs, Friends for Youth has offered an alternative to our annual ice skating experience. We’ve had a good run with Nothing But Hoops. But, to really get into the holiday spirit, we wanted a cozy fireplace to sit near, a lovely ice rink to play on. No doubt the dodge ball of the last two years was great fun, but it didn’t put everyone into the season’s spirit.
Dodgeball insanity at Nothin But Hoops!
Winter lodge is a pricey event, for sure. But, thanks to the generosity of our Alumni, and the hard work of Mentoring Services Director, Rebecca Duran, we have raised the funds needed for this year's Holiday Party on ice! Hurray! Done deal? NO.
Winter lodge has this funny system where you have to wait in line on the first day of registration to get a spot. No big deal, you say? People camp out starting from 8pm the night before. We’re serious!

Everyone in front of us had been there since 11pm the night before. 

Maribel gracefully took the 3am to 7am shift, while Kristen took us home from 7am to 11:30am. The results? 13th place in line and a KILLER TIME SLOT this year! 11:30am to 2:30pm!!!

It's going to be an amazing event this year for sure. This holiday event is usually the BIGGEST activity of the year, drawing both new and Alumni Friendships. Make sure to check out the Discovery Times to find out dates and times for this awesome party.

We’d better see you come December! :)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Kristen and Maribel for your ... well, awesomeness ... to help make this year's party a great one! You guys rock!

robbi coleman said...

You two ROCK! The skating party is going to be awesome.

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