Emeritus Friendships Alumni Profile: Anne Cashman

My name is Anne Hurley Cashman, and I became a volunteer with Friends for Youth (at the time Partners, Inc.) in 1980. I later joined the staff for two years and then served as a member of the Board of Directors. I am fortunate to still be in contact with my Junior Friend Lynda. She is now married (yes, I got to attend the wedding!) and has three boys.

I give to Friends for Youth because both Lynda and I have benefited tremendously from our match. Over the years I have given to the program through the Annual Campaign appeal. About a year ago the current Board held a reception for past Board members. Being back with people who care so much for the at-risk youth in our community re-inspired me! My husband and I currently support the cost of a friendship through a monthly donation. We are also including Friends for Youth in our estate planning. Recently, I have gotten involved in reaching out to Alumni Senior Friends, and you might have even heard directly from me this past summer.

I know my years with Friends for Youth hold many fond memories for me, and I am thinking there are many others who would like to be back in touch. I hope you enjoy hearing from Friends for Youth!

First published in the November 2012 Emeritus Friendships Bulletin


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