Mentor Story Project: Board Member Lisa

This post is part of a series called the Mentor Story Project. Each week a new Friends for Youth champion will be featured with his or her mentoring story. Some stories are about mentoring with Friends for Youth, others are about informal mentoring experiences.

Your Name: Lisa  

Years with Friends for Youth: 2+ years 

Name of your Mentee:

Years you’ve been friends:
2+ years 

Where you met: FFY 

Age difference:
26 years 

What you like to do together:
Hang out (visit the city roaming the streets, attending an event, ... we don’t have one thing but have a great time every time we get together) 

Something you won’t forget:
The very first time when she proactively reached out to me telling me she looked forward to catching up with me.  

Most important thing you’ve learned: Being present 


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Cindy Hernandez-Rivas said...
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