Mentors and Mentees Come Together to Make Tiles of Friendship

Junior and Senior Friends had a chance to show off their creative talents during Tuesday night's Tile Making Activity. Friends for Youth was excited to offer this popular activity again this year.

Thanks to Mentoring Institute Director Sarah Kremer, Friendships got to learn about glazes, coloring, and techniques to employ while decorating their tiles. After the introduction, everyone was given his or her own tile to decorate.

Friendships got to work. Designs and styles varied, but each tile dealt with the theme of Friendship.

"Great activity and turnout," Senior Friend Kristen commented. "We both had a good time - looking forward to seeing the finished product!" All of the decorated tiles will be fired and distributed to the Friendships who made them.


Dark Helmet said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, just wanted to say thanks for putting on this event, it was fun! -Ray

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