Volunteer Appreciation Week!

National Volunteer Appreciation Week has come to an end. At Friends for Youth, it’s been a time to celebrate.

Friends for Youth acknowledged National Volunteer Appreciation Week with a soiree at the British Bankers Club in Menlo Park on Tuesday night. All volunteers, including current and alumni mentors, board members and A Team members, were invited. More than thirty volunteers past and present showed up.

The annual event is an opportunity for Friends for Youth volunteers to meet each other, exchange stories, and deepen their connection to the organization. It is also Friends for Youth’s chance to celebrate all the people that have helped make it so successful for more than 32 years. Volunteers who attended received a certificate commending them for their service.

Food and drinks were provided. Especially delectable at the BBC are the very unhealthy onion rings, on which one staff member gorged himself. It was a time to celebrate.


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