Child Abuse Prevention Month Follow-Up

As a wrap-up to April's National Child Abuse Prevention Month, I wanted to thank all of the over 250 mentoring and youth-serving program staff who supported this important issue by registering for and attending our two special webinars! If you missed the webinars, view the slides or watch a recording of the presentation.

The questions from both webinars really show that not only do youth professionals care about the safety of children and youth in their programs, they also have a high awareness of the problem and strategies to prevent child sexual abuse. I am increasingly impressed with the level of understanding and experience from youth mentoring programs. When I started our SAFE trainings just about six years ago, the majority of programs had a few steps in the application process, but, and more importantly, they were unaware of how to use the tools in order to really screen out inappropriate applicants.

Doing the job right, and not just doing the right job, takes more resources and staff time. But, as we say in closing our trainings, imagine your worst case scenario - could you look back on your process and defend your actions?

There's just two more days to take advantage of our special price on SAFE: 50% off the list price until Saturday, April 30th! Order online and enter "CAPMONTH" into the promo section while checking out.

Do what you can to prevent child abuse in your program!


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