Opportunities to Improve Your Practice Through Research: 2010 Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring July 26-30, 2010

This July, for the fourth year in a row, Portland State University will host the Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring. Created by Thomas Keller, Ph.D., the Summer Institute offers a distinctive educational opportunity for experienced mentoring professionals. Participants attend an intensive week-long seminar presenting the latest developments in theory and research on youth mentoring. Sessions are led by prominent and internationally recognized research fellows. The aim is a series of highly interactive discussions that provide an in-depth view of the research and examine its implications for program policies and practices. The premise of the institute is that a sustained dialog between experienced professionals and researchers stimulates research with relevance to the field and enhances its translation to practical application.

Ideal participants are those who have several years of experience in the field of youth mentoring and are seeking an advanced level of professional development. They are experienced professionals who hold positions enabling them to influence the training and supervision of staff, the development of program models, and the implementation of service delivery changes based on the latest advances in the field. If you are in a position described here, I highly recommend that you apply – this is a truly unique opportunity for practitioners to interact and influence leading researchers in the youth mentoring field!

Applications are due this Friday, May 7th. To learn more about the Summer Institute and to apply, please visit: http://www.youthmentoring.ssw.pdx.edu/

Friends for Youth’s Mentoring Institute has been a participant at every SIYM so far – to get a real sense of what we learned, check out our summaries of these sessions on the Mentoring Institute section of our web site and click on the Connections newsletter links for Summer 2008 and Summer 2009.

See you in Portland this July!


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