Advice for Mentors & Mentees

Words of advice from some of our Junior and Senior Friends after one year of being matched:

For Mentors:  “Welcome the Junior Friends into your life. Make them feel as comfortable as possible and try to show them you’re here for them.”

“When scheduling-first put the next visit on a “post it” and then follow up with a phone call the day before.”

“Sometimes the best times are just unplanned, unstructured days when you both can just “present” together.”

"I think the Junior Friend needs to be heard."

For Mentees: "Be flexible and let someone who is trying to help you, gradually be in your life. They can help and it will be fun!”

“Please give the Senior Friend a chance, even if they look nothing like you, that person can relate to you more than what you could imagine. They can help you through the most awful day of your life.”

For Both:  "Laugh. Have fun."
"Give it a chance. Take that first step. It’s not what you might think it is."

"Be committed, do the work up front, don’t miss outings, and the bond will develop on its own."


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