Name it & Win it!

Friends for Youth was named by a Friendship back in 1985 and we need YOUR help once again to name our new mentoring program!  

We have an exciting announcement! At the end of this summer, we will be adding a new school-based mentoring program that will take place at Sequoia High School. We will be offering group mentoring to incoming freshman who have been identified as needing extra guidance and support to reach their goals. 

About the Program:
·      Where: Sequoia High School
·      When: Academic year during school hours
·      Student Mentees: Incoming 9th graders
·      Mentors: Caring adult volunteers
·      Mentor:Student Ratio: 1:4
·      Program Model: Through conversations, activities, and field trips mentees will access tools to develop their interests, build healthy habits and networks, overcome obstacles and reach short and long-term goals.

Program Name: Catchy to teens and adults, may represent a community of support, and students' success. It could even be an acronym... 

Prize: $50 gift card

Deadline for Submission: Wednesday, June 1st

How: Simply email any ideas to info@friendsforyouth.org. The more suggestions the better your chances of winning! 

P.S., Is your mentee all grown up or do you now have more time? If you or someone you know would be interested in getting involved as a group mentor or partner, please contact sarahnorman@friendsforyouth.org for more information.  


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