Welcome back to our summer intern James!

Hi, my name is James Fredericksen, and I am the senior summer intern for Friends for Youth. A little bit about me, I am getting ready to start my senior year of college at Willamette University in Salem Oregon as a history major, focusing on ancient and medieval Europe. I attended high school at Menlo Atherton (MA), and grew up in Menlo Park. As a child I played a wide variety of sports, although I have largely stopped since going to college.

I love reading, particularly at night where I can spend a (far too) great amount of time delving into a particular book. It is not uncommon for me to start reading at 11:00 or so and look up and find it to be 2-3 in the morning or even later. My favorite genre is sci-fi and fantasy and some of my favorite series include Redwall, The Dresden Files, the Belgariad, and Mortal Engines. Favorite individual books are The Catcher in the Rye, Animal Farm, and 1984.

My favorite television series are Firefly, Black Books, and Futurama, although I enjoy a great many more. Honestly I love anything by Joss Whedon who has yet to let me down. In terms of film, I most enjoy The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Lives of Others, and Lawrence of Arabia.

Musically I am very scattered. I enjoy many genres and artists. I was more or less raised on Warren Zevon, John Prine, and Bruce Springsteen, all of which I still like to listen to today. I also listen to musicians such as The Cat Empire, Counting Crows, Dark Tranquility, Jonathan Coultan, Lyriel, and Flogging Molly. More than anything though, I am particularly annoyed when someone changes the song halfway through, which to me ruins the experience. I also have the habit when discovering new music to listen whatever I find into the ground, for example when I first heard Gary Jules’ version of Mad World, I listened to that over 300 times.

This will actually be my second time interning at Friend for Youth. When I was presented with the opportunity to work with such a friendly and dedicated staff again for the summer, it was not a hard choice for me to make. I must say I am excited to get another summer’s worth of experiences here at Friends for Youth.

I hope you enjoyed learning this little bit about me!


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