Mentoring and Teaching - Both Appreciated This Week (and All Year!)

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Week! Friends For Youth would like to thank all our Senior Friends and for all mentors in both formal and informal programs for being both teachers and friends to their mentees. While our mentors enjoy hanging out with their mentees, they are also committed to being positive role models who help to provide guidance for these youth in our communities who are in need of more support. By the end of the year in our program, at least 88% of our mentees visited a college campus and talked about their future. This just goes to show that mentoring does, in fact, work.

Additionally, when mentors instill the belief in their mentees that learning can take place anytime and anywhere, they can be that teacher outside of the classroom who provides that extra bit of guidance once the school day is over. Simple things such as showing their mentees where they work, taking a trip to the museum, or going out to a ballgame are just a few of the many ways in which mentors can help to promote learning. Even baking cookies together includes lots of learning moments! So long as mentors and mentees are engaging in activities that allow for meaningful conversations to occur, there is no ceiling to the amount of learning which can take place. 

So, here’s to you, Senior Friends and mentors around the world! Thanks to each and every one of you for being there for your Junior Friends and mentees. Your kind hearts and willingness to impart the valuable life lessons you have learned with the youth in your community is truly appreciated!

Guest post written by our Communications and Social Media Intern, Josh Tiongson


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