Spotlight Friendships

Arielle and “Ferny” have had a great year getting to know each other and making awesome memories. They have done all kinds of different things together from laser tag to making sushi. With so much learned and shared, they are not ready to say goodbye to one another! They plan to continue their Friendship and memory making. They even dedicated a website to their awesome Friendship, check it out!  http://fernyandarielle.tumblr.com
How will you and your Friend remember all the cool things you two have done together?

Ray and Khasah had a jam-packed year full of tons of FFY activities! Chronologically, here some FFY activities they attended: Ceramics at Judy’s, Discover the Bay Community Service Restoration, and Tile Making. They also received tickets to attend an array of events as well. Here are some of the FFY ticket opportunities Ray and Khasah took advantage of: California Academy of Sciences, San Mateo County Fair, Oakland A’s game, San Francisco 49ers preseason game, Stanford football game, Stanford basketball game, and tickets to a classical music concert. Whew! Even with some many great activities, Ray still made time for Senior Friend Groups, like our Empathy + Compassionate Listening = Making a Difference Workshop, and our Senior Friends and Salsa mingling and activity sharing. They plan to continue their exciting Friendship.


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