Exciting Fall Trainings for Mentoring!

Fall is a busy time for most youth mentoring organizations, as many are school- or site-based and use the start of the school year as the kickoff for their programs. Friends for Youth’s Mentoring Institute becomes busy, as well, as we support many local agencies with mentor training and provide technical assistance through webinars and in-person trainings for staff from programs across the U.S.

Here are some highlights from this fall’s lineup:
  • From the Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series, August’s webinar focused on Back to School: Training Mentors for Effective Relationships Within School. Check out the recording to learn more about what the research tells us is important for SBM matches and how to align your mentor training to match those needs.
  • Co-sponsored by the Center for Applied Research Solutions and Bay Area Mentoring, this upcoming FREE in-person training in Oakland on September 27, 2012 addresses Blogs,Tweets, and Friends: Effective Mentoring in the Age of Social Media. Dustianne North, M.S.W, Ph.D. Candidate and CARS presenter, and I will be talking all about social media and youth, including how to strategize your program’s use of social media for recruitment, marketing, and fundraising, as well as how social media can enhance and detract from relationships within youth-serving programs.
  • September’s online workshop from the Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series is The Importance of Closure, featuring Renee Spencer, M.S.S.W., Ed.D., on Thursday, September 20, 2012. In this 75-minute presentation, we’ll be addressing the best ways to handle early match endings and ideas for providing positive closure experiences for successful matches.

Join us this month for the online webinar addressing closure in mentoring relationships on September 20 or in-person for the social media and mentoring workshop on September 27!

Friends for Youth's Mentoring Institute continues to provide in-person and online training for organizations, collaboratives, and volunteers. If your program is in need of training for staff, mentors, or mentees, contact us at 650-559-0200 or info@mentoringinstitute.org and ask about our sliding scale fees. Trainings can be done in person or via Webinar. Online training can be presented through your existing management system or we can host. We look forward to hearing from you!


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