Friendship Forever: A Friends for Youth and Partners Alumni Reunion

Friendship Forever: A Friends for Youth and Partners Reunion” will be held Saturday, September 15 at the Red Morton Community Center in Redwood City.

The event brings together mentors, mentees, and staff from Friends for Youth’s entire 33-year history.

The event is spearheaded by former mentor Anne Cashman. Anne was matched with her mentee Linda in 1980 when the organization was still called Partners. “I have recently reconnected with my mentee,” said Anne. “And my hope for this event is that other old friendships may be rekindled and that people may be interested in supporting FFY once again.”

Executive Director Becky Cooper commented: “Friends for Youth looks forward to reconnecting with all of the wonderful mentors and mentees that have helped make our organization what it is today. Their dedication to Friendship has made our community a stronger, safer place. Friends for youth wants to thank them for their invaluable service."

To learn more about the event visit www.friendsforyouth.org/alumnireunion


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