Chef Club Community Service

Friends for Youth had the opportunity to visit a special group of individuals in Redwood City last Thursday, July 12th. We took a trip over to Redwood City’s own Chef Club, a social activities club for teens and adults with differing abilities. This program is aimed at teaching skills required for planning and cooking healthy meals. Each week participants plan a meal from start to finish and enjoy the fruits of their labor! After dinner, participants engage in social activities. We got to mingle with the participants and enjoy a nice meal they had prepared. We helped serve dinner and we cleaned up after this event, but the best part was getting to know the folks there.

The Chef Club participants welcomed us with open arms and were glad to have us visit. We hope to go back and hang with this dynamic group in the fall!

This event satisfied the Community Service Requirement found on the Senior Friend Responsibilities contract. There will be another Community Service Oppurtunity coming up later this month.
Senior Friends, check your Activities Newsletter for the details!http://www.friendsforyouth.org/discoverytimes.html


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