Spotlight Friendship: Imelda and Julio

Imelda and Julio were matched April 1, 2011, and had a wonderful year together. Imelda and Julio got a chance to try many different activities together and got to visit many cool places. One of their favorites was the The Jelly Bean Factory. Imelda and Julio also attended many Friends for Youth group activities, including the Beach Extravaganza, Tile Making, Alcatraz, the Stress Management Life Skill Workshop, and the Discover the Bay community service project. They received free tickets from Friends for Youth to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Imelda also participated in the Are We Having Fun Yet? online Senior Friend Group. Both Imelda and Julio agreed at their One-Year Friendship Anniversary meeting that they had a fun and exciting year together and have already made plans for future fun and exciting times!


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