Senior Friend Group: Empathy + Compassionate Listening = Making a Difference!

May 3rd a group of 10 Senior Friends had the opportunity to hear from a truly gifted presenter and expert in the field of Empathy & Compassion, Lynn Johnson, Co-Founder/CEO of Glitter & Razz Productions. Lynn captivated the audience from the start of our workshop to the very last minute. Attendees hardly had a chance to grab a snack as we were all challenged to be engaged from one activity to another. Lynn was clear on the intentions behind all the exercises in which we participated. If you been an outsider looking at a snap shot of these activities, you might have been left wondering what crazy activity was going on in the conference room!
We spent about half the evening stretching our understanding of the word and practice of the word “Empathy.” The rest of our time was spent learning about exceptional examples of empathy and how we can use our new understanding of the practice in our relationships with the young people we support.
A special thank you goes out to all our participants who were able to share their personal experiences of empathy with the group. As Lynn said to us that evening…
“Each of us has stories.  We are better when we are able to tell them.  We are better when we are able to hear them.”
Thank you!
Lynn Johnson
Glitter & Razz Productions

Notes from SF attendees…

I thought the event was great and a lot of fun.  Thanks -Henry
I enjoyed the idea that people want to express emotions but often don't realize it, so you have to help them along, if you possess the requisite skill, in doing so. -Ray
To say that I truly enjoyed the Empathy & Compassion workshop, would be an understatement.  I find myself wanting to learn more about being empathetic and to practice in all of my domains, especially in challenging situations. Thank you for sharing the uplifting story & video.  What a wonderful way to float home! With gratitude, -Antonia


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