Friends for Youth at the Planetarium!

Friends for Youth brought a group of 6 mentoring Friendships to the College of San Mateo Planetarium show last Friday, May 14. We learned about the upcoming Transit of Venus that will occur June 5-6. Venus Transit occurs when we can see Venus pass directly in front of the Sun. The next transits of Venus won't occur again until December 2117!
We also caught wind of an epic event scheduled for later this month, a partial Solar Eclipse! For more info on this, check out: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/05/16/annular-solar-eclipse-2012_n_1522000.html.

We had a blast traveling through the Universe with our guide, Professor Stanford, as he reminded us that we are all made out of the same stuff that stars are made of.

The show was free, but the astronomy department accepts donations for this worthy "tour" of our sky. To get more info on this awesome star studded show, check out: http://collegeofsanmateo.edu/astronomy/planetarium.asp.


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