Friends for Youth Gets Geared Up For Baseball Season

REDWOOD CITY, April 2012 - It’s baseball season, and Friends for Youth is getting in the game.

The Friends for Youth fiscal year has just begun, and the slogan “Get In The Game, Be a Mentor” has been unveiled to highlight a new season of activity-oriented volunteer mentoring. At Friends for Youth, mentoring is all about having fun.

The program looks for positive adult mentors who want to have fun with an at-risk young person on a regular basis. The program encourages Friendships to do various sports and movement-related activities, like playing basketball, attending baseball games, or just going to the park.

“My favorite activity was Laser Quest,” said mentee Cody, who’s been meeting with his mentor Lindsey for over a year.

Mentee Devin said that the best time he had with his mentor Lu was “going hiking and getting lost.” (They found their way back to the trail).

It is evident that active outings leave a permanent impression on mentees in the program. That’s why Friends for Youth is proud to be a community partner of the San Francisco Giants, whose support over the years has created memories for countless mentoring Friendships at the baseball stadium and beyond.

The recent addition of support materials like the “Eat Well, Stay Active, Have Fun Guide for Mentors,” created by the Harvard School of Public Health, also help ensure that activity-focused mentoring Friendships have many fun activity ideas from which to choose.

Friends for Youth, Inc. has been matching at-risk youth with positive adults for more than 33 years. With a long-term match success rate of nearly 90%, Friends for Youth stands out as a model program in the mentoring field.


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