Friends for Youth and the Golden State Warriors

A group of 25 mentors and mentees saw the Golden State Warriors play the New Orleans Hornets on Tuesday evening. Although the game did not have a favorable result for the home team, Friendships proved that your team doesn't have to win for you to have a good time.

For example, t-shirts are exciting. Friends for Youth came to the game as guests of Warrior forward Brandon Rush and sat in the "Rush's Rascal's" section of the upper level. Because of this special placement, everybody got his or her own special "Rush's Rascals" t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.

The game was a close one, and so the crowd was engaged throughout the evening. Besides the game, there was one excitement that brought the whole crowd to its feet. Between periods there was a shootout between two die-hard fans. For each shot made, the fan received a certain amount of cash. Both attempted a single shot from different spots on the court: the free-throw line, the three-point arc line, and the half-court line. A successful free-throw won the shooter $500, a three pointer won $2,000, and a half-court prayer won $25,000! After both fans entirely missed the basket on their three-point attempts, it was looking bleak for either to have a good chance at that $25,000. So the whole crowd was ecstatically surprised when one of the fans hit his half-court shot! $25,000 just like that!

Friends for Youth wants to thank all the Friendships who came and made this game such a fun activity, as well as the Golden State Warriors and Brandon Rush for their generosity.


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