Spotlight Friendships

Antonia and Elizabeth met on Elizabeth’s birthday last February and the gift of Friendship has just kept on giving. Elizabeth was ready to meet her mentor as she had already been watching her two older sisters go out and about with their mentors for months by the time it was her turn. During their year they went on lots of Friends for Youth group activities, such as the Beach Extravaganza, Hip Hop Dance Class, Community Service with the Seniors at Lytton Gardens, and Visioning Your Future Life Skill Workshop. They also received tickets for Barnum & Bailey Circus and the California Academy of Sciences. They did lots of different things during their time, but both agree that some of the most special time they’ve spent together has been cooking at Antonia’s house.

Lindsey and Cody were matched last February and both agree that this year has been amazing! Both really look forward to their time together. Lindsey and Cody took advantage of many of the Friends for Youth activities and free tickets. The first Friends for Youth group activity they attended was Jump Sky High. They both had a blast. Another one of their favorite Friends for Youth activities was Community Service with the Seniors at Lytton Gardens. Cody had a great time playing board games with the residents. One of this Friendship’s favorite things to do together is play board games, so Cody was able to show off and share his skills with the Seniors that day. Lindsey and Cody also got a chance to go to Alcatraz, the Snow trip, and the Beach Extravaganza. Lindsey and Cody see no end to their Friendship and look forward to their future adventures.


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