Introducing Our New Intern!

Hi, my name is Jenna, and I’m a high school student. My favorite classes are English and History. School is very important to me and I spend almost all of time during the week at school and doing my homework. I hope to attend a UC in Southern California for all 4 years of college, although I am not yet sure of what I would like to major in.

I have played many sports, including track, swimming, basketball, and soccer. My favorite sport has always been soccer and I have played for 11 years. My worst habit is procrastinating. During my free time on the weekends, I usually spend most of the time with my friends and some time with my family. I like to watch movies, go shopping, and go to San Francisco. I love spending holidays with my family. I also like to watch TV and movies; my favorite show is Desperate Housewives and my favorite movie is Pirates of the Caribbean. I listen to most types of music except for rock and metal and I like to sing and dance but I’m not very good at either.


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