Thank you to the Friends for Youth community

Thank you to everyone who spread the word about and/or donated to the Friends for Youth Groupon campaign last week! Without your support and enthusiasm we could not have crafted such a successful campaign. As always, we rely on the wonderful help of our volunteers and supporters to make all that we do successful.

And what a success our most recent campaign has been. The Friends for Youth Groupon Campaign raised more than $1500, an amount that was matched by a generous donor. This means we raised more than $3000 in only 3 days!

The money we raised will help us send a large group of Friendships on a snow trip to lake Tahoe. As you know, this will most likely be a first-time experience for most of the Junior Friends in our program. They will have the opportunity to strengthen their relationships with their Senior Friends, have lots of fun in a new place, and maybe discover a new hobby.


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