Update on the 2011 Summer Mentoring Challenge

Friends for Youth’s new 2011 Summer Mentoring Challenge is off to a marvelous start. After being launched in early May, the Mentoring Services department has seen an increase in the number of interested volunteers. Friends for Youth is excited about this trend and hopes to build upon it for the duration of the summer months.

Due to the increased interest in mentoring, Friends for Youth is excited to announce the addition of two special Information Sessions that will be held at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation in San Mateo during the months of July and August.

These additional Information Sessions, along with promotional activities like bookmark distribution at bookstores, flier postings at corporations, and brand-new public service announcements, serve as the foundation of the 2011 Summer Mentoring Challenge campaign.

Keep an eye out for upcoming mentoring recruitment promotions featuring the slogan “Who Looks Up To You? Be a Mentor.”


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