7 and 1/2 Ideas to Recruit and Encourage Mentors During National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month is the premier opportunity for any company, organization, or community group to help recruit mentors for Friends for Youth and celebrate mentoring. Please join us in the celebration and recruitment efforts! There are a myriad of ideas for how to engage and mobilize your company, organization, or group. Here are seven and a half of those ideas courtesy of Friends for Youth:

1. Invite Friends for Youth to your workplace or other gathering for a presentation. We are available to present to any interested group! Also, if you are already a Friends for Youth mentor or supporter, you can act as guest speaker. Many people are looking to fulfill New Year’s resolutions around this time, but need a little prodding--this is a great place to start.

2. Visit http://www.nationalmentoringmonth.org/g/nmm/powell-nation-of-graduates-30.mp4 to view the 2011 PSA for National Mentoring Month featuring General Colin Powell and then email the link to 10 local friends, coworkers, or relatives. Include Friends for Youth’s website www.friendsforyouth.org in your email.

3. Highlight Thank Your Mentor Day (January 25th). Acknowledge people who currently mentor and provide an opportunity in person or online for all to publicly discuss who mentored them in their lives.

4. Organize a group viewing of a mentoring-themed movie. Just about any recent Disney film will do including Up or Finding Nemo, or try Akeelah and the Bee or Duma, or pick a more serious film like The King's Speech.

5. Raise awareness at your place of work about paid company volunteer time. Many companies allow a given number of paid hours off to participate in certain volunteer activities or will provide matching grants based on your volunteer hours to the nonprofit where you are volunteering.

6. Put up National Mentoring Month posters in your offices.

7. Promote National Mentoring Month through your company's internal website. If you have a volunteering section to your intranet, highlight mentoring with Friends for Youth during January.

7 1/2. Contact Friends for Youth Recruitment Coordinator during National Mentoring Month at 650-482-2867 or jonathan@friendsforyouth.org for more ideas or assistance.


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