Stress Management Workshop at Friends for Youth

On the evening of November 18th, Friends for Youth held a Life Skills workshop in Stress Management at its offices, lead by Youth and Family Enrichment Services presenter S. B. Five Friendships attended, along with staff members Rebecca Duran and Jonathan Cowgill.

Friendships talked to each other about how their weeks were going and tried to identify major stressors and methods of coping with that stress. After everyone shared their particular gripes for the week, S. B. spoke about the dangers of allowing stress to build up and get out of hand. Junior Friends came up with a definition for depression, and S. B. talked about what to do if yourself or a friend is exhibiting signs of depression.

Finally, S. B. spoke about the dangers of suicide (death), how to prevent it (talk about it), how to seek help (call the Crisis Hotline at 650-579-0350) and when to report it (always: a mad friend is better than a dead friend).

Overall, the event was informative and engaging. Everybody participated, everybody learned something, and everybody ate pizza!


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