Maribel's Mentoring Story

High School: many people love it and others hate it. In my experience, I would say I was right in the middle. Since I can remember I have always loved school and learning; however, high school I really didn’t care too much about. If it wasn’t for my friends and some wonderful teachers, I would have completely hated it. One of these wonderful teachers was my freshman year English teacher. Even though she was only my teacher for one year, she constantly checked on me through out my four years there.

Ms. Vasquez was more than a teacher to me; she was a friend. She encouraged me to challenge myself everyday, be that in school or life in general. She taught me to look at problems and challenges as learning experiences. One of my fondest memories was how she would, for periods of time, speak to me only in French, knowing that I didn’t speak or understand a word of French. The amazing thing was that by the end of my four years there I was able to understand almost everything she would say to me. Learning new languages doesn’t come naturally to me but I enjoy it; however writing has never been my cup of tea and back then I would stress over the fact that I was not writing as well as my peers. Ms. Vasquez was able to make me realize that I had plenty of other strengths, and not to worry about it if writing was not one of them. She would tell me to focus on my strengths and not to on my weaknesses. “No one is good at everything, but everyone is great at something.”


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