Friends for Youth Saw "Up" In Redwood City!

I went to see the Disney/Pixar film "Up" with my Junior Friend at the Courthouse Square in Downtown Redwood City last Thursday evening. Including us, Friends for Youth had six friendships come to see this sharp, funny film about the adventures of a crotchety old man and a clumsy little boy.

Before the film started there were all sorts of activities and performances to enjoy. My Junior Friend and I both had our faces painted—he got a big blue dolphin on his cheek with waves that splashed across his nose, and I got a butterfly. Then we watched a Step Team from a local church and a rapper from a nearby Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter perform. As we enjoyed these performances we ate the caramel corn, granola bars and chocolate suckers that Program Coordinator Kristen brought.

Then dusk settled, everybody got comfortable, and we watched the film!


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