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Balloons, Burgers and Best Friends

On Sunday Friends for Youth hosted their annual friendship Barbecue picnic at Stafford Park in Redwood City. I was excited to go, both because I had never been to Stafford Park, and because I'd heard there was to be a water balloon toss. I love waterballoons. When I got there, Kristen Kimball, Program Coordinator and barbecue planner, was tying up balloons around two picnic tables, starting up the grill, and just generally creating a festive atmosphere. I hung around and tried to be helpful, mostly by eating some strawberries, until she directed me to fill up some waterballoons for the waterballoon toss. Of Course!, I said. So, as the friendships arrived with their dishes (the event was a potluck), I went to the park bathroom to fill the balloons at the faucet.

I couldn't fit the tiny balloons around the faucet top, and I broke three balloons and got a mouthful of water trying. So I stomped out and announced to everyone that there was no way we could fill up the balloons. It was a very sad moment. But Kristen said yeah right and she took the unfilled balloons from me to go try. Five minutes later she returned with a bag heavy with jiggling waterballoons. What a relief.

There was food: burgers, gardenburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, potato salad, cookies, cookies, more cookies, Caesar salad, cake, and watermelon. Everybody played games (connect four, jenga, cards), everybody raced (sack race, egg race), and most people got wet in the waterballoon toss. So in all it was a great picnic.


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