Recent findings about adolescent brain development explored at local conference

Friends for Youth was among those in attendance at the 13th Annual Northern California Tobacco, Alcohol, Drug, School Wellness & Youth Development Conference for Educators, held at U.C. Berkeley earlier this month, where conference keynote Ken Winters, Ph.D., explained emerging research about how the human brain is not fully developed until about age 25 and how this impacts adolescent choices.

“The teen brain is developing in a certain way that it likes excitement way above logic,” Winters said during his “This is Your Brain on Adolescence” presentation.

Winters also reviewed research on the effects of drug use on the developing brain, a very new area of science.

The conference included much information that can inform Friends for Youth’s work with youth, including the development of Life Skill Workshops for Senior and Junior Friends.

Other conference workshops included:
• Marijuana and Drug Prevention Strategies,
• The Body Positive: A New Look At Weight, Health and Self-esteem,
• Preventing Bullying and Creating Community, and
• Alcohol: Why We Drink and Why Teens & Young Adults Are More At Risk For Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.


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