Friends for Youth WinsTwo Federal Grants!

These are exciting times at Friends for Youth. With the award of not one but two Federal grants, we will be able to triple the number of at-risk youth served.

With the benefits of mentoring becoming more and more apparent, the award of these Federal grants acknowledge that the Friends for Youth mentoring program provides an important contribution to the prevention of substance abuse and delinquency while helping youth in so many other ways as well. These grants were awarded by the Department of Education, Office of Safe and Drug-free Schools, and from the Department of Juvenile Justice.

Friends for Youth is expanding to meet the growing number of youth we will be serving, adding new program coordinators and recruitment staff. Our biggest challenge will be find more mentors. If you ever thought about becoming a mentor, or know someone who might be interested, how would be a great time!

Helping a young person achieve their potential is enormously rewarding - just read Lisa and Jim's story. Look for more news on our growth and expanding services at www.friendsforyouth.org.


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