Friends for Youth featured in the San Mateo County Daily News!

Our very own Jennifer Ashford was asked to talk to the Daily Journal about her mentoring experience at Friends for Youth. Jennifer has been a mentor to Iliana Medina, 18, for four years and their relationship has become an inspiration to many in the mentoring community.

Jennifer and Iliana were matched nearly five years ago and have, as they both say, a “real” friendship. Iliana says the changes in her life have been significant: she has been to “places I had never gone before. I met new people and I got into sports. My bad grades turned into A’s and B’s; I was on the honor roll for the first time ever in the fall. I NEVER thought I could have done this. I am pretty sure that if I would not have met her I could have gone to jail, dropped out of school and been involved in gangs.”
Congratulations to both for being selected to be featured in Public Service Announcements that will air nationwide throughout January, which is National Mentoring Month.

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Friends for Youth has been dedicated to making a difference in the lives of at-risk youth since we began in 1979. By establishing and supporting one-to-1 mentoring relationships between youth-in-need and responsible, caring adults, we know we change lives for the betterment of individuals and the community.

Visit us to learn more about becoming a mentor at
http://www.friendsforyouth.org/ or call (650) 482 - 2868.

46 Boys and 10 Girls are waiting for mentors. Could 1 be waiting for you?


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